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Goods Sample Images + VBRI Sigyn Voice Actress Change / グッズサンプル画像 + VBRI シギュン の声優変更のお知らせ
3 days ago – Wed, Feb 21, 2024 at 09:02:26 PM

Good day, everyone!

We got some sample images of goodies for you guys today, so let us get started!

Goods Sample Images

Mousepad Sample Image

A small and simple mousepad, yet with such a great visual design, wouldn't you say?

Came out pretty well, and we hope any who ordered it are happy with what they see!

Dakimakura Covers Sample Images


They're so big that the cloth bit in the middle looks so very...tight.

The fluffy bits really help accentuate her curves, wouldn't you agree?

Do look forward to this arriving at your doorstep, provided you have already placed an order for this lovely Julia Dakimakura Cover!


Compared to her more well-endowed sister, the outfit is a pretty good fit on her, and even slid aside, fits her petite body perfectly.

And besides, Liese looking good in an Idol outfit that she often wears is a no-brainer!

We hope that any who ordered the Dakimakura Covers are happy with what you see!

Momimakura Sample Images

Of the 2 Momimakuras, we would like to first introduce the...ahem, 'Heavyweight', Julia!

*Note : Pillow inside is not included and must be purchased separately. 


Top View

It almost looks like she really is holding those two funbags up with her arms, no?

View from the bottom/side

It even kind of looks like it hangs downwards a little bit due to how heavy it is when viewed from this angle...Clearly the correct course of action here is to offer your assistance and lend her a holding them up.

View from the front

Look at them, they're so heavy and voluminous that they are about to touch the table...!

Box Size Comparison

The boxes to the side are what the Momimakura covers come in. The one on top is Liese's, and the one on the bottom is Julia's, which is bigger because it needs more space for...self-evident reasons.

Would certainly be interesting to try holding them up in your hands, and hey, it's something that would only be possible with this momimakura because it's Julia and her puppies are huge.

Now then, Liese's turn!


Top View

Small but firm and not droopy at all, springy yet soft to the touch. Certainly one for the connoisseur. 

Side/Bottom View

Small, perky mounds...Just the right side to cup them in your hand, yes?

Frontal View

Unlike her more well-endowed sister, hers is of a more modest size, but they stand firm and upright, which has its own appeal, surely!

I mean, your whole hand probably fits over them. A different kind of feeling to holding up huge...melons.

Oh and we say this everytime, but obviously these heart marks only exist to showcase these sample images, and the actual product will not contain strange heart marks on those spots.

VBRI Sigyn Voice Actress Change

And now, some news regarding VBRI. 

Really just a notice of a Voice Actress Change for an existing VBR character.

Aoi Miu, the voice of Sigyn (She was the original VA for Vanilla from VB Gaia), will be unable to return due to personal circumstances, and any new scenes will be performed by a different Voice Actress. When selecting Sigyn for a possible new scene, please keep this change in mind.  

She will be voiced by Misato Ayame instead. (Voice of Linde from RAGNAROK and Tyrca from FRONTIER)

Please also note that any Shikishis ordered for Sigyn in the upcoming Kickstarter for VBRI will be signed by her new Voice Actress, Misato Ayame.

And that will about do it for this update! Thank you for reading all the way until the end!










ですが、そのモフモフした部分も、彼女のカーブを強調していると思いませんか? いやはや、最高ですね!(ディ・モールト ベネ!)




抱き枕カバーを注文したバッカーの皆様方、とてもいい出来だと思いませんか? 到着するのを今しばらくお待ちください!








このアングルで見ると、サイズを実感できるのもそうですが、なんでしょう、少々重そうに見えません? ここは紳士的に手を差し伸べて、持ちあげてみせましょう。


なんという、ボリューミー......! 腕で胸を持ちあげても、大きくたわわに実っているという事にいささかのブレもありません!











ボリューミーな姉の胸よりも控えめのサイズですが、張りがあって瑞々しい。それはそれでいいではありませんか! それに、その特性があるあるからこそ愛する者もたくさんいるのです!





VenusBlood Ragnarok原作にてシギュンの担当声優だった青井美海様が、諸般の事情によりVenusBlood Ragnarokにて新規収録が難しい見通しとなってしまいました。





Announcement of The Next Kickstarter Project! / 次のキックスタータープロジェクトの発表
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jan 11, 2024 at 09:09:52 PM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, folks! 

An easily understood title, so let us get into the juicy information!

What is the next game we have planned to localise? Well here's a hint...It's a sequel game!

Ah, enough beating around the bush, here you go!

That is correct, the direct sequel to VenusBlood Frontier, VenusBlood Ragnarok will be the next project in line to be localised!

Many have been asking for us to localise the sequel to the popular VB FRONTIER, and well, here you go!

Now then, alongside this announcement of what exactly the next Kickstarter Project will be, we would also like to reveal some extra juicy information regarding the VB Ragnarok Project!

For the first time in any of our localisation projects so far, we would like to announce a new Character that will appear in the International version of VB Ragnarok! 

Normally this is a privilege reserved for Stretch Goal Completions, but we felt that the story would benefit overall from the inclusion of this new character (and also it'd make the trial version for the Kickstarter more exciting), so we went ahead and included a new character from the get go!

Just 1 new character this time compared to the usual 2, as we have dedicated resources that would normally go towards designing a 2nd Stretch Goal Character towards improving Vidar and her integration into the existing story. As a result of this, the content of the Stretch Goals will likely change as well, so do look forward to finding out during the KS project!

But enough rambling, you want to know about this new character, yes?

Here she is!

Demon Princess of Moonlight Vidar

"You want me to believe in your destiny? Then prove to me that you have the willpower to overcome and and every obstacle in your way."

The destined child born of the union between the Overlord Loki and the original Chief God Odin.

However, she was born with more demonic features than not, owing to her having inherited more demonic traits from her father than divine traits from her mother.

As a result, her life was threatened by the Senator who believes in Divine Superiority. Perhaps due to the experience of having her destiny dictated by the circumstances of her birth, she seems to have developed an apathetic, somewhat pessimistic personality.

However, buried deep within is a strong will and rebellious spirit, directed at her parents who abandoned her.

She has lived in the same mansion as Vali when he was being hidden away from the world, and is happy that he treats her normally despite knowing the circumstances of her birth.

And there you have it, Vidar, the child of Odin and Loki! Despite inheriting the demonic traits from her father, she bears a striking resemblance to her mother, no? Those heterochromia eyes especially.

Now then, before we end off this update, a few notes about the upcoming Kickstarter project and about the International version itself.

Some Information About the VBRI Kickstarter

First, let's talk about Vidar.

She will be voiced by Aoba Ringo, who some of you might know as Anora's VA from VB Hollow! Aoba Ringo has many fans, and we hope that you are happy with the casting!

Some of you might be wondering about the Top Pledge that we have in our Kickstarter campaigns, and yes, Vidar IS AVAILABLE TO BE CHOSEN FOR THE TOP TIER PLEGE.

Why not join us in shaping the way the story will proceed (to some extent) by adding more scenes for Vidar? 

Just remember that because she is slated to be an important character to the overall story of VBRI, we will be vetting scene requests for her very carefully to ensure they do not disrupt the flow of the story or are not fitting for the character/circumstances they find themselves in. Therefore, if there are any problems with the scene request, we may request a re-do or a different scene request altogether. 

Certainly a Jam-Packed update, yes? We hope you enjoyed it, and are looking forward to the VBRI Localisation Project!






そう、次のキックスタータープロジェクトはVenusBlood Ragnarokとなります!

大人気のVB FRONTIERの続編ですね!



そう、普段はストレッチゴール専用の追加要素、新規キャラクター! しかし、VBRIのゲーム体験やキックスターターをより良いものに出来ると考え、事前に新キャラを1人追加確定と致しました! 今回は完全新規のメインキャラクターはこの1人だけとなりますが、これはよりゲームストーリーへの親和性を高めるためにリソースをこのキャラに集中させるべき、と判断した次第です。この関係で、ストレッチゴールの内容はこれまでとは若干変更がある可能性があります。



 「貴方は運命を信じる? すべてを乗り越えていくという意志を見せられるかしら」






声優は誰なのか、知りたいんですよね? ヴィザールの声優は、青葉りんごさんとなります!








Backerkit & Pre-Order Store Has Closed / バッカーキット&プレーオーダーストア締め切りました
3 months ago – Tue, Dec 05, 2023 at 12:24:57 AM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, folks!

Short update today.

Backerkit & Pre-Order Store Closed

Just a quick notice that the Deadline for the Backerkit and Pre-Order Store has passed, and they are now officially closed!

Thank you all for your support! We hope that you are all happy with the choices/purchases made!

We will continue to work towards the game's full release, so do look forward to it!




本日をもって、VBH FDのバッカーキットとプレーオーダーストアの受注を締め切らせて頂きました。




Backerkit Surveys & Pre-Order Store Deadline Coming Soon! / VBH FDバッカーキット案内 & プレーオーダーストア締め切り間近
3 months ago – Fri, Dec 01, 2023 at 12:35:18 AM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, folks!

Just a simple update today to remind everyone that the deadline for answering your Backerkit Survey & Using the Pre-Order Store is coming very soon!

The deadline for both is December 4th, so please don't forget to answer your Backerkit Survey or use the Pre-Order store if you wanted to!

If you have lost your survey please make use of this link:

Recover Backerkit Survey

Thank you all for your cooperation.









VBH FD Backerkit Surveys Have Been Sent Out + Pre-Order Store is now Available! / VBH FDバッカーキット案内を送付しました + プレーオーダーストア公開
4 months ago – Fri, Nov 10, 2023 at 01:00:05 AM

*Japanese Translation Below (日本語訳は下の方にあります)

Good day, folks!

As of the timing of this update, the Backerkit surveys have been sent out to everyone who backed the Kickstarter campaign!

So for everyone who backed us on Kickstarter, please check your EMAIL for the BACKERKIT SURVEY! We would certainly appreciate a speedy response, as without the backerkit survey being answered, we won't be able to send you your rewards!

Please answer your survey within a month's time or so (Deadline is around December 4th) so that we can accurately count the amount of orders, and this is the date we finalise your orders and lock them in, charging your cards. Cancellations or order changes past the deadline will not be accepted, so do give it some thought!

Payment is also accepted either via Credit Card or Paypal.

If you are an existing backer, please use the Backerkit survey sent to you and NOT THE PRE-ORDER STORE!

Speaking of the Pre-Order Store...

Pre-Order Store Now Available!

For anyone who may have missed your chance to back us on Kickstarter, the PRE-ORDER STORE is for you!

This store will remain open for about a month (Deadline is until around December 4th), so make sure to get your orders in before it closes!

*IMPORTANT REMINDER: The pre-order store is for non-backers to make purchases/orders, and should not be used by existing Kickstarter backers under normal circumstances. For existing backers, please wait for the Backerkit surveys that will be sent out at a later date, lest you end up doubling up on your orders and paying extra.









その時点でクレジットカードがチャージされます。 もちろん、その後、ご購入したアッドオンのキャンセルなどは出来ませんので、予めご了承ください。


また、プレオーダーストアを公開しました! VBHIのキックスターターを支援する機会を見逃したユーザー達の皆さまにはぜひ、プレオーダーストアをご利用ください!